Education and Training

The USJE provides training geared to the specific needs and concerns of our members. We are proud to be one of a small group of PSAC Components to offer such “in-house” education opportunities.

The USJE training program was created in 2004 as a pilot program. At the 2008 USJE Convention in Edmonton the delegates voted unanimously to keep the program. Thereafter, the training program was further revamped following the 2014 USJE Convention so as to allow for a more directed training approach for all USJE members. Currently, USJE’s Labour Relations Officers (LROs) are available to provide on-site education and training to members.

Locals are encouraged to communicate with their Regional Vice-Presidents (RVPs) to request training. The planning of Local-requested training shall be done in conjunction with the respective RVP and LRO.

Labour Relations Officers have prepared and are now providing the following training modules:

  • Organizing a Local
  • Grievance 101
  • Advance Grievance (Grievance 102)
  • Duty to Accommodate
  • Health and Safety

Further, in July 2010, the National Executive established a USJE Standing Education Committee. Their mandate is as follows:

Each member of the committee will solicit from RVPs in their region all information relating to education and training. Each committee member will forward that information to the USJE Standing Education Committee (SEC) for review and recommendations.

As such, while there are presently a limited number of available training modules, members are encouraged to speak with their RVPs to suggest any specific topics/issues for future training modules.