Local financial statements

USJE Bylaws require all Locals to file an annual Local Financial Statement to the National Office. Information and forms are available below for downloading to assist Locals with this filing.

There are three categories of filing, based on a Local's annual rebate income. The USJE National Office provides this information to every Local. Once this information is received, click on the appropriate links below.

Level I

Locals receiving annual rebate income in excess of $25,000, must undertake a 'Review Engagement' of their finances by an accredited firm of auditors. In addition, these Locals must provide the USJE National Office with a completed Local Bank Account form.

Level II & III

Locals receiving yearly rebate income less than $25,000 are required to submit the following documents to the USJE National Office on an annual basis:

  • income statement, revenues and expenses, monthly bank reconciliation, proposed budget, all contained in the Treasurer's excel file.
  • bank statement at December 31;
  • investment list, if any
  • Auditor's Statement (an email is accepted by auditors stating they reviewed and have approved the local finances as presented)

For purposes of auditing, Locals may use one of:

  • an accredited chartered accountant;
  • an outside individual familiar with bookkeeping practices; or
  • as a minimum, two members of the Local who are neither Executive members, nor relatives of Executive members.