PSAC members invited to test potential Phoenix replacements

January 22, 2019

This article was reposted from PSAC

This week marks the next step in the government’s quest to find a replacement for the disastrous Phoenix pay system.

The government’s NextGen HR and Pay Team is hosting a series of User Expos across Canada which will allow members to try out potential payroll software that could replace Phoenix. The events will take place from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm in the lobbies of the buildings listed below.

These events will provide an opportunity for many public service workers to contribute to in the selection process for the next generation of government payroll software.

PSAC is encouraging members to attend these events to test out the proposed solutions and give the valuable feedback the government needs to ensure the next payroll system is successful.

PSAC representatives will also be attending the expos to help evaluate which pay solution best meets our members’ needs – for both those who process the paycheques and those who receive them. PSAC has insisted that the government must include the union in the pay system selection process so that we can ensure our members never have to endure a Phoenix fiasco again. One of PSAC’s top Treasury Board bargaining demands is that the government consults the union before any technological changes are put in place affecting our members.

#NextGenHRPay User Expos





January 16

Place du Portage


January 17

101 Colonel By Drive


January 18

875 Heron Road


January 23

200 René-Lévesque Boulevard


January 24

40-45 Alderney Drive


January 28

25 Huron Street


January 30

9700 Jasper Avenue


February 1

269 Main Street


February 4

30 Rue Victoria


February 6

Terrasses de la Chaudière


February 8

1400 Merivale Road


February 11

101 Tunney’s Pasture Driveway