Local Executive Toolbox

The Local Toolbox is designed to assist our Local Officers. This convenient and comprehensive set of fact sheets covers the following day-to-day workplace issues (you can click on the title to head to that section):


    • Introduction
    • Overview of the USJE
    • USJE National Executive
    • USJE National Office
    • USJE Conferences
    • The USJE and the PSAC: an Unbeatable Team
    • Respective roles of USJE and PSAC
    • The USJE & the Greater Community


    • Union-provided Workplace Rights
    • Union Dues
    • Rands and the Rand Formula
    • Sample Local Bylaws
    • Local Elections
    • Conducting Local Elections
    • Local Signing Officers: Duties and Rebate Process
    • Sample Local Officers Duties
    • Guidelines for Local Grievance Coordinators
    • Effective Meetings: 20 proven tips
    • Labour-Management Consultation


    • Introduction
    • Problem Solving Tips
    • Using the Access to Information & Privacy Acts
    • Possible Recourse Procedures
    • Stages of the Grievance Procedure
    • Grievance Wording
    • Work Description Problems
    • Introduction to Classification
    • Classification Grievances
    • How Classification Grievances are Processed
    • Pay and Acting Pay Grievances
    • Mediation
    • National Joint Council
    • NJC Directives
    • Employee Performance Reviews
    • Discipline


    • Introduction
    • Impact of Harassment
    • Harassment in the Workplace
      • Harassment and the Role of the Canadian Human Rights Commission
      • PSAC Policy on Union Representation - Workplace Harassment
      • Sample Q&A - PSAC Policy on Representation Workplace Harassment for Locals
      • Guidelines for Investigating Member vs. Member Complaints/Grievances at the Workplace
      • Violence in the Workplace
      • Bullying in the Workplace
      • Part XX Violence Prevention in the Workplace
    • Harassment in the Union
      • USJE Statement on Harassment
      • PSAC Policy 23B - Ant-Harassment: the Union
      • PSAC Policy 23B - Guidelines
      • Application of PSAC Policy 23B
      • Roles and Responsibilities
      • Process
      • Dignity of risk
      • Principles of Investigation
      • The Harassment Complaint Committee Report
      • Situations Involving Members and Staff
      • Process for Implementation of Policy 23B
      • Guidelines for Investigating Complaints at Union- Related Activities
      • PSAC Constitution, Section 25
      • PSAC Regulation 19


    • Canadian Human Rights Act
    • Equality in Workplace Standards
    • Duty to accommodate
    • Undue Hardship
    • Complaint or Grievance?
    • Mental Health in the Workplace
    • Canada Labour Code, Part II – Overview


    • Public Service Employment Act (PSEA)
    • Appointments under the Public Service Employment Act
    • Deployments under the Public Service Employment Act
    • Managerial or confidential exclusions
    • Types of complaints that may be brought to the PSLREB under the PSEA
    • Who can file a complaint with the PSLREB?

The National Office periodically updates and expands the content, if you have any suggestions for new topics, please feel free to pass them on.