USGE Members Rally to Fix Phoenix

November 2, 2016

On October 31, 2016 USGE members came together in Ottawa and across the country to highlight the significant problems that many of our members are experiencing with Phoenix . As the government had promised that Phoenix would be fixed by the 31st, this was a particularly good day to remind the government of its commitment. Members also took the opportunity to encourage the government to complete contract negotiations which have been lagging for too long.

There was amazing energy in the capital, and across the country, as USGE members drummed, danced and shared information with passerbys. Over 200 members joined the rally in Ottawa from neighboring cities – including almost 150 members from Quebec (merci à nos Consoeurs et nos Confrères Québecois-es) Please see below for pictures from Ottawa and from across the country.

In the capital...

and across the country...

“Fix Phoenix Now!”