USGE National Executive participates in the Canadian Police and Peace Officers' National Memorial

September 24, 2017

On Sunday, September 24, 2017 our USGE National Executive represented all USGE members by participating in the Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ National Memorial Day in Ottawa. This National Memorial Day honors the dedication of all police and peace officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our communities.

On this day, we take the opportunity to remember and honour all our USGE members who have lost their lives while working to keep Canadians safe. We honour members, such as Louise Pargeter, who died in 2004 while working as a Community Parole Officer in Yellowknife. We keep in mind the dangerous and important nature of our members' work as we honour our fallen colleagues. On this day, USGE is reminded of our commitment to ensuring that all our members work in safe and healthy environments.

We encourage our members to remember and honour the sacrifice of the exceptional women and men on this special day, and if they can, to join our National Executive during this special event.