USJE requires a Strategic Communications Specialist

January 25, 2018

Position Title: Strategic Communications Specialist (Bilingual)

Classification: Band 9 ($78,296 to $88,122)

Reports to: the Senior Advisor, Policy, Projects and Media & the Director, Policy, Projects and Media

Invitation to apply in this competitive process is being made to:

  1. employees of USJE (Unifor Local 2025)
  2. employees of the P.S.A.C. and its Components
  3. USJE members in good standing
  4. The general public

Closing Date: Friday February 16, 2018

THE PERIOD: This position is being advertised to fill a 1 year term position.

THE LOCATION: National Headquarters, USJE, Ottawa, Ontario


This position reports to and advises the Senior Strategy Advisor, Policy, Projects and Media, and the Director, Policy, Projects and Media. The Strategic Communications Specialist will provide significant support and some leadership to USJE’s communications and media units, and contribute to ensuring that the organization is credible and influential.

Major responsibilities of this position include (but are not limited to):

Social Media

  • Advance the development and operationalization of USJE’s social media strategy, in consultation with the Senior Strategy Advisor, Director, and other department employees, as required;
  • Create an ambitious and realistic social media content calendar;
  • Identify and create key posts and videos on strategic topics of interest for approval;
  • Review/edit recommended posts – determining their strategic relevance and best angle;
  • Liaise with RVPs, members and staff who forward social media recommendations. Triage as appropriate;
  • Monitor responses and engagement with USJE’s multiple media social media channels;
  • Alert Senior Advisor immediately of any image/optics issues;
  • Propose draft strategy for response and implement approved strategy.

Traditional Media

  • Monitor media (including social media) so as to identify articles and posts of interest and value to USJE members for reposting on USJE’s website/social media feeds;
  • Create weekly media update to be shared with USJE leadership;
  • Provide communications support to USJE’s media unit.

Creation of new communications products

  • Provide regular communications to support USJE’s mobilization activities in the creation of website articles, posters and leaflets for mobilization activities;
  • Under the supervision of the Director and Senior Advisor, manage the creation and production of three new USJE videos (vignettes, mobilization, federal election 2019);
  • Create other communications products, as required;
  • Create draft documents as requested by the Senior Advisor and/or the Director;
  • Draft strategic draft messages as required.


Immediate (architecture):

  • Oversee, in consultation with Senior Advisor and Director, transition to PSAC as web host and designer;
  • Liaise with PSAC regarding hosting & design of the website;
  • Liaise with PSAC to ensure website is accessible as per Convention resolution;
  • Liaise with designer/PSAC web team to suggest and request changes to the architecture of the website;
  • Liaise with TAXI re: transfer over of USJE’s secondary website Illuminating Safety.

Immediate & ongoing (content)

  • In compliance with USJE’s communications and social media strategy, determine the strategic angle of original content for website;
  • Liaise with staff and RVPs who have recommendations for posts of interest for USJE’s members;
  • Ensure that articles of importance to our members are written and posted;
  • Edit all articles;
  • Ensure that translation of posts are of high quality;
  • Ensure USJE is posting a minimum of one on point article per week.

Long Term

  • Undertake semi-annual website review, taking into account recommendations which have been made during the preceding period and making website improvement recommendations for approval and implementation;
  • Lead the process to clarify use of & websites;
  • Maintain and develop both websites as necessary.


  • Ensure USJE has high quality logos/images for easy distribution as required;
  • Ensure that those who are using the USJE branding/images are being brand consistent;
  • Contribute to the selection and design of USJE promotional items;
  • Undertake brand compliance reviews of local promotional items that come to USJE’s attention.


  • Undertake other related communications duties as required by the department.


$78,296 to $88,122 (band 9) salary dependent upon qualifications. Excellent conditions and benefits, excluding pay rates, as negotiated between the Union of Safety and Justice and UNIFOR Local 2025 will apply.

There may be a requirement for some travel within Canada.


The successful candidate will have at a minimum a university or college degree, in Public Relations, Journalism, Arts, or an equivalent combination of education and experience, as well as:

  • At least seven (7) years of substantial experience in experience developing a variety of communications products for different audiences;
  • At least ten years of substantial experience in developing strategic communications plans and their successful implementation;
  • Advanced knowledge of social media, digital strategies, and the creation of videos and tools as well as an understanding of how to leverage different channels for maximum reach;
  • A demonstrated career progression with increasing roles of responsibility;
  • Exceptionally organized with ability to multi - task and meet multiple deadlines / demands with short notice;
  • Excellent strategic insights and instincts;
  • Excellent research, writing, and speaking skills in one official language. Strong speaking and reading skills in other official language;
  • Expertise in design, coordination and production as well as knowledge skills related to a variety of communications strategies;
  • Commitment to USJE’s mandate and an appreciation for the front line work its members do across 16 federal departments;
  • Understanding and demonstrated commitment to trade union and equity principles as well as social justice objectives;
  • Ability to work independently and in a high-performing team;
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with a diverse staff including remote colleagues, coalitions and elected union members;
  • Ability to work across the political spectrum;
  • Ability to work, at times, on evenings and weekends as required by social media portfolio;
  • Appreciation for the distinct experiences USJE’s members have vis a vis ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, language, ability, and socio-economic circumstance.


Applications and complete with curriculum vitae, should be submitted by Friday February 16, 2018 addressed to: Sylvain Garceau, Union of Safety and Justice Employees, Suite 1004, 233 Gilmour Street Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0P2, Email: